Personal & Professional Resume

Born in Quebec City, Nicole Marois played tennis and flew through her elementary and high school studies. At age 15 she earned a tennis scholarship at Rollins College, in Florida, where she graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business and Economics. Tennis propelled her to international levels and her participation at Wimbledon, the US open and top Canadian events and teams, enriched her understanding not only of athletic excellence but also of human behaviors, stress, and suffering.

Following her competitive edge and search for perfection after 2 years on the professional tennis circuit, and 10 years as a sales representative for sports companies, Nicole Marois moved to California marrying and embracing new horizons. She decided to reunite with her love of knowledge and human biology by graduating Summa Cum Laude as a Doctor of Chiropractic in Los Angeles (1996).

Complementing her proficiency as a radiologist, physiotherapist, nutritionist and multi techniques approach of Chiropractic, Nicole Marois took the opportunity of the melting pot of courses given in California to enhance her studies in Osteopathy and in Energy Work. She took courses in Osteopathy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Neuro-Emotional-Technique, Reiki, Sacro-Occipital-Techniques and Network Spinal Analysis among others.


Her quest for understanding has also driven her to many topics of human behaviors through studies of pure physics, mind over body philosophies and meditative explorations. This conglomerate of knowledge has equipped her well to utilize a truly holistic approach to caring and treating people.

Back in Montreal, Canada, after 10 years in the United States, she decided to upgrade her diploma of Osteopathy via La Corporation des Practiciens en Medecines Douces du Québec (C.P.M.D.Q), which offered the program to qualified Chiropractors. Four years later (2004) and since, she practices under the Osteopathic umbrella, embracing ease as the fullest methodology to create health.

Her office on Nuns Island provides an openhearted space for healing.