The power of our thought, fueled by our emotions give us our passions, how we resonate and how our reality unfolds. Spirituality is about the spirit in you (your spin) and what you magnetize and experience in your life. This includes the ensemble of ideas, emotions (good or bad), reactions (old or new), that we vibrate in our heart in a perpetual motion. When one is inspired he/she is in-spirit and in the flow of creativity. These moments are graceful, loving and enhance healing on a quantic level…this state of bliss is innate to us; these vibrations are embraced when we sleep. There are methods like meditation, visualization, contemplation and felt affirmations that can be used to enhance the quality and the quantity of these resonances. To my point of view, it is important and easy to access and feel these states of consciousness. I therefore encourage and engage patients to cultivate their inner space and see by themselves the magic that unfolds in their reality.